Tuesday, 13 October 2015


1. Lilly Velvet Loafers | 2. Ruffle Tie Blouse | 3. Khaki Shirt Jacket | 4. Checked Funnel Neck Tunic Dress | 5. Mary 60's Patent Chelsea Boot | 6. Poppy Print Dress | 7. Buddy Eyelet Angle Boot | 8. Sheer Poet Blouse | 9. Longline Slouchy Coat | 10. Diagonal Stripe Midi Skirt | 11. Winter Floral Print Smock Top | 12. High Waisted Check A-Line Skirt

Lately I have been in the mood for non stop shopping. However I have to watch the wallet, there haven't been a day that I don't have multi tabs opened with item I will love in my wardrobe.  The temptation is so strong to buy everything.
I am obsessed with all thing khaki, white, black and red this Autumn season, anywho! here are my Topshop wishlist, I will be sharing some more of my high street wishlist.

What have you been obsessed this season?
Benita xx

Saturday, 10 October 2015


A few weeks ago i tweeted about a kilo sale i went to. I recently discovered Blue rinse vintage store that has a kilo sales every Saturday. The idea is basic a warehouse full of vintage clothes, your pick any items they are weighed at the till any you pay per kilo.
I have now discovered my new Saturday obsession!  Here are a few things i picked up last week.

What's new in wardrobe?
Benita xx

Friday, 9 October 2015


Its been a while, I have had a busy and stressful couple of weeks moving to a apartment and not having any internet service. I haven't been able to post, but all is good in my world now and settled into my new apartment. So look forward to more blog posts going forward, I have my very late September favourites.
Radox Muscle Soak Bath Salt
Now that the weather is colder, I have been loving a nightly bath, and I love this bath salt. At the end of a long work day, this salt is perfect to relax my muscles and i smells amazing! I have always been a bath bomb kinda girl, and I still love my bombs.
L.A Girl Pro Concealer
I use the shade cool tan as an highlighter and the shade chestnut as a regular concealer. I discover the brand through YouTube a couple of months ago, and i was addicted ever since, p.s it is a budget concealer which is a bonus!
MAC Matte Viva Glam
Always a favourite of mine in the autumn the dark berry color is so trend, I have been rinching for this a lot lately, need to pick another has you can see an running out!
Beauty Blender
I found a cheap dupe of this on eBay for 99p! so i have been using this a lot more than my brushes. it easy to use and blends perfectly.
GOSH White Eye Liner
 I use this as a bottom eyeliner, it makes my eye look a lot bigger than they are!